Arts Management Helsinki is a contemporary arts production office, working community, and service provider. Our activities are rooted in the inherent value of the arts: art is – and it should be – unpredictable, non-conformative, free. Artists are allowed to choose the subjects, methods and contexts of their work.

Producers, mediators, and institutions should support the artists and art communities in this work: take care of the administrative tasks and production efforts, so that artists and makers can focus on what is essential for them.

We are professional managers and producers. We know how to coordinate, communicate, make contracts, carry out projects, evaluate and report. We want to promote and strengthen the role of artists and the arts in society.

If you need a professional partner for your project or organisation, get in touch with us. We carry out projects big and small. We work as a collaborative partner, outsourced help or external adviser.

You can also take a look at some of our recent projects and references.


We want to activate, incite, collaborate – to make big and small things happen. We advance the work of artists in many ways, stand with them, provide 360 management, or whatever the situation calls for. Interested in collaboration?

Projects & References


“Admin tasks” away from your desk? Custom-made solutions for the arts field.

  • Project finances
  • Association governance
  • Bookkeeping
  • Reporting

Back office refers to the tasks and functions that are needed for running any company or organisation, such as administrative duties. Back office functions are usually seen as a ‘necessary evil’ that especially smaller companies struggle with, due to the lack of skills, knowledge, or workforce. Back office provides the necessary backbone for successful operations.



Do you need a partner for strategic planning? Get in contact with us.

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