Arts Management Helsinki is a contemporary production office

Arts Production Office

Arts Management Helsinki helps, advices and supports artists, and consults arts organizations. AMH coordinates projects, manages contracts, and carries our new initiatives.

Our speciality is the performing arts. Contemporary dance, theatre, performance art, crossdiscipline contemporary art. Our passion is art that escapes labels; art that provokes, shakes, invites, enchants. Art that shifts paradigms.

If you are looking for a coordinator or partner for your project, get in touch with us.

Agency of the Future

We don’t sell art or artists, and we don’t book party gigs or entertainment services. But we are an agency: a facilitator and cross-pollinator of ideas, expertise, and people.

The work and capabilities of artists is not limited to art works. Art is a barometer of society, and artists are key persons in posing questions and creating meanings: where we are headed, what the world could look like, what is important to us as human beings, what makes us angry, happy, sad or excited.

Arts Management Helsinki wants to build bridges, expand the working horizons of artists and open up new possibilities.

Ideas, thoughts, dreams? Get in touch with us.

What is ’arts management’?

Arts management, or alternatively arts administration, is the field of expertise around the business operations of art.

Arts Management Helsinki is a values based business, with the mission of making the work of artists possible and making the societal impact of the arts stronger. AMH strives to be an agent of change, a quick chameleon of the arts ecosystem, that makes the impossible possible.

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