Wilhelmina Ojanen


Wilhelmina Ojanen is a Finnish-born, Chilean-raised contemporary dance artist based in Finland. Wilhelmina’s artistic practice includes choreography performance, yoga and pedagogy.

An emerging choreographer, Wilhelmina was a Young Associate Artist at Sadler’s Wells 2018-2019. She has recently made work for Sadler’s Wells Lilian Baylis Studio, The Place Theatre and the Laban Theatre, and she recently created a large- scale piece for Sadler’s Wells Main Stage, premiered 17th July 2019. Wilhelmina’s choreographic work delves into realities of human connection; studying poetically, through movement, our relations to one another and the world around us. She explores the intersection of physicality and poetry, of softness and strength, and of memory and embodiment.

As a performer, Wilhelmina has worked with Hagit Yakira, Richard Chappell, Jarkko Partanen, Ben Wright and Sarah Wookey amongst many others. Wilhelmina completed her Master’s Degree in Dance Performance, graduating with a Distinction from her research project ‘A return to vulnerability’. Wilhelmina is passionate about how writing can influence choreographic practice and act as an artistic process in itself. Her interests and research span from political philosophy, anthropology and identity into personal geographies, poetry, materiality, and notions of time.


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