Veli Lehtovaara


Veli Lehtovaara

Veli Lehtovaara is a Finnish choreographer and performer working internationally on the field of dance and experimental theater. He lived and worked in Belgium for the years 2008-18. His works have been presented in central venues and festivals in Europe as well as in South and North America.

Lehtovaara often works in a highly collaborative manner and combines elements from multiple disciplines in his choreographic practice. His creations vary from stage work to film and performance-installations. From 2015 onwards his work has been focused on interfaces of ecological thinking, choreographic practice and corporealities.

Currently Lehtovaara is working on a new creation Ikimetäs, which focuses attention on temporality and diversity in old growth forests. The creation is a combination of choreographic work and radio play to be performed in the shopping centres as well as online. Lehtovaara also performs the work Ontto harmaa tanssi (2020) together with choreographer Anna Mustonen and poet Olli-Pekka Tennilä. In 2020-21 Lehtovaara is taking part in a research project by Elisa Aaltola, Outimaija Hakala, Salla Tuomivaara and Matilda Aaltonen: Voiko eläintä kertoa? Years 2018-20 Lehtovaara has been working as a mentor, teacher, assessor and adviser for the bachelor and master programs in dance art at Helsinki Theater Academy.


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