Tiia Kasurinen

Artist, Choreographer

Tiia Kasurinen (she/her) is a Helsinki-based artist/choreographer who graduated from Stockholm University of the Arts in 2017. She is interested in themes such as identity, gender, the gaze and pop culture, and explores them in her works through theatre make-up, visual transformation and motion. In her works YouTube tutorials and somatic movement walk hand in hand, creating recognisable aesthetics.

Kasurinen’s work has been presented f.ex. in Helsinki Festival and Zodiak – Centre for New Dance (ONSTAGE – The Concert 2023; I’m not entirely here (cybersad) 2020 and 2021), New Performance Turku Biennale (Live Stream 2021; The Life of Harmony: extended 2019), Gátt festival in Copenhagen (ONSTAGE 2022), Reykjavik Art Festival (Live Stream, Gátt Hub 2022) and Kuopio City Theatre/Dance Theatre Minimi (SURFACE 2022).

When not working on her own projects, Tiia Kasurinen works as a dancer and a performer and collaborates with other artists. She recently worked on a nordic installation performance JÖRÐ, premiered in the Nordic House of Faroe Islands in October 2023. Kasurinen is a member of Precarious Practices – a group of dance artists, whose activities are based on artistic exchange – as well as INSISTER SPACE in Sweden, which is an artist-driven platform for freelance choreographers. She has been invited to join the Nordic Platform Gátt network of young artists.

Kasurinen performs as a drag queen. The project explores the concept of gender in movement and choreography, resulting in two dance works (Vulcano, 2017 and Dragging the Drag: Vulva T, 2016).

Kasurinen has danced in works by e.g. Benoît Lachambre, Miguel Gutierrez, Ellen Söderhult, Isabelle Schad and Trisha Brown Company.

In 2022, Kasurinen was awarded an international DanceWEB scholarship to the ImpulsTanz Festival in Vienna.

Kasurinen works with a one-year grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation 2023-2024. She was granted the state artist grant for 2021.


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