Teea Aarnio

Vocalist and interdisciplinary artist

Teea Aarnio’s artistry re-defines labels and for her everything resonates – everything is music; all arts are connected. 

She is a vocalist, composer, lyricist, musician, sound designer, art director, mover, actor, visual artist, and an educator. She is an experienced vocal improviser and worked as a dance artist for more than 10 years. 

She has collaborated with international contemporary artists such as Marita Liulia, Roger Titley and Walter Thomson. In 2020, she released a series of short films in collaboration with the Helsinki-based production company Playart Productions. Aarnio’s multilingual debut album “Väki” was released in 2023 in collaboration with Finnish label Eclipse Music. 

She is currently working in a new theatre project ‘Huojuu elämän puu’, ‘The Tree of Life Sways’; studying in Sibelius-Academy’s Open University; and exploring improvisation as a member of Helsinki Improvisers Orchestra.

Passion for natural and cultural diversity permeates her artistic work, and she actively engages as an activist and artivist for these causes.



(Photo: Iivari Mikkonen)


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