Teea Aarnio

Musician, composer, sound designer, songwriter

Teea Aarnio

Musician Teea Aarnio’s main artistic inspiration grows from the roots. She is a vocalist, composer, sound designer, songwriter, and always exploring new instruments. She is a practitioner of soundpainting improvisation, an experienced player of various instruments, and she worked as a dancer for 10 years.

Music is her way of engaging in dialogue with the seen and invisible; breathing and creating harmony; finding the right questions of identity and community. She is interested in a transdisciplinary approach and societal issues. Themes of biodiversity and cultural diversity, and the dialogue between science and art, are present in her work.

As a vocalist her main influences come from global music, jazz, alternative and avant-garde music. As a sound designer she focuses on alternative approaches to electro-acoustic sound and mainly uses only human voice as the sound source. She has studied soundpainting improvisation in Finland and Sweden with Walter Thompson and Sonja Korkman and worked for ten years as a vocalist in a band performing soundpainting improvisation music. She graduated from Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory’s professional studies, voice as her main instrument.

Teea Aarnio has worked on various projects in Finland and internationally. She has worked with fellow musicians, cinematographers, dancers, theatre groups, and contemporary artists. She’s also worked as a vocal coach, voice actor and performing arts educator.

She created her upcoming multilingual debut album in collaboration with music producer Jukka Backlund. Album’s theme is nature connection and it will be released soon. During 2020 she created and published a visual EP, music video trilogy, in collaboration with Helsinki based production company Playart Productions.

Year 2021 she started to collaborate with for example choreographer Wilhelmina Ojanen and became an artist member of Arts Management Helsinki.

(Photo: Elvi Keränen)


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