Samira Elagoz

Artist and Filmmaker

Samira Elagoz (1989) is a Finnish/Egyptian artist and filmmaker currently based in Amsterdam/Berlin. He graduated with a choreography BA from the Amsterdam University of the Arts in 2016.

From 2013 till 2019, when still a female artist, Elagoz dedicated his artistic practice to researching and filming cis-men and building an extensive collection of first encounters with male strangers arranged through various online platforms like Craigslist, Tinder, and Chatroulette. Elagoz toured the world nonstop for 5 years, pre and post #metoo, with his performance Cock, Cock, Who’s There? which dealt with sexual violence he experienced in the past. On a quest to find intimacy after touring so many years, Sam realizes that the show started as a genuine ode to being a woman, but revealed itself to be a farewell to being one.

Now he identifies as a transmasculine with a high femme past.

He has toured with his works in various international film, visual art, and performance contexts, such as IDFA, Impulstanz, CPH:DOX, Kaaitheater, The White Chapel Gallery, The EYE museum, Edinburgh Fringe and La Casa Encendida, and won various awards for his works. Latest being the /silver Lion at Venice Biennale Teatro in 2022.


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