Reetta Honkakoski

Actor / Corporeal Mime Performer

Reetta Honkakoski is a stage artists specializing in physical theatre and Corporeal Mime.

Corporeal mime is an aspect of physical theater whose objective is to place drama inside the moving human body, rather than to substitute gesture for speech as in pantomime. In this medium, the mime must apply to physical movement those principles that are at the heart of drama: pause, hesitation, weight, resistance and surprise. Corporeal mime accentuates the vital importance of the body and physical action on stage.

For Reetta Honkakoski, Corporeal Mime is a expressive language that she uses to write out her internal world. Honkakoski is the only Corporeal Mime performer in Finland: she studied it at the school and company of Theatre de L’Ange Fou in London for seven years.

While living in London, Reetta Honkakoski also worked as a freelance actor, with e.g. the immersive theatre group Punchdrunk and circus group Circo Rum Ba Ba.  Before London, she worked at the Helsinki City Theatre for two years.

In the works of Reetta Honkakoski, humane themes are combined with virtuoso stage expression. Her performances have been described as magical, touching, and skillful.



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