Maija Kaunismaa

Composer, Singer, Vocal Coach & TRE-coach

Maija Kaunismaa is a Finnish composer, musician, singer, vocal coach and TRE-coach. Maija holds a Master of Arts degree from University of Jyväskylä from where she majored in both education theory and music pedagogy. She also holds an Estill Figure Professional (EFP) certificate in Estill Voice Model. Currently she is an Estill Master Teacher (EMT) Trainee under the guidance of Estill Vice President and CCI Mary McDonald Klimek (USA).

Maija has been a freelance composer since 2003 and composed for Finnish National Theater, several City Theaters, smaller theater companies, and for her various orchestras in Finland. She has been involved with over thirty professional theater productions in which she has composed, arranged, conducted, musical directed and played her music. She also performed her solo performance “Kertomuksia keittiöstä” in Finnish National Theater at 2011 and released her first solo album “Liian lyhyt hame – Kertomuksia keittiöstä” at the same time.
Currently Maija is working on a new solo album “The Pine House Songs” (2019) and writing a book titled “Practice and Creativity” She has been an Artist-In-Residence at the Zen Center of Los Angels (ZCLA) since 2017 where she is a formal soto zen student with teacher Roshi Egyoku and where she does her own work as an artist. She has been given a dharma name Myosho Angyo (Luminous-Voice Peacemaker).



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