Laura Pietiläinen

Choreographer, Dancer, Singer

Laura Pietiläinen is a freelance choreographer, dancer, and singer. She graduated from the Master’s Degree Programme in Choreography at Theatre Academy Helsinki in 2008.

In 2016, Laura started to create art through her soul persona Michaela – The Queen of Fucking Everything. Michaela has a connection to the limitless and empowering energies of the Universe, and she creates her performances guided by these energies. She collaborates with fashion designers, musicians, and perfumerists. For Michaela, it is important that the space, costume, music, dance, and scent resonate with one another and create an immersive sphere, where the cells start to vibrate, emotions start to move, the soul becomes alove, and energies are transformed.

Michaela has performed her transformative solos with various fashion designers, musicians, and perfumes at the Helsinki Design Week, Helsinki Fashion Week, fashion boutiques, in a French castle, in a church at Walla Walla USA,  and in fashion and music videos. Her most recent stage work has been Blondit (“Blonds”) which premiered at Zodiak – Center for New Dance in December 2018. It was a remake of Paula Tuovinen’s solo Blondi from 2000, and Michaela performed it with Tuovinen and the Go Go dance group Kuumat Putket.


Photo: Lauri Mattila



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