Kauri Honkakoski

Physical Theatre practitioner

Kauri Honkakoski is a Physical Theatre practitioner and the artistic director of Kauri Honkakoski Company.

With their artistic roots in Corporeal Mime, Kauri’s style is known for combining universal human themes with emotional intensity and rich physical expression. Leaving space for the audience’s own associations, their work is often experienced with a deeply personal frame of mind. Kauri’s ensemble show about cults, The Desk won The Scotsman Fringe First Award at Edinburgh Fringe 2019.

Corporeal Mime is a poetic form of physical theatre and an acting technique for physical actors. At the heart of Corporeal Mime is the idea of expressing the whole spectrum of humanity through the body, from concrete physical work to the abstract realm of thought and dreams. For Kauri Corporeal Mime is a language of deep expression, with which to capture something unique about the human experience, something essential and shared.

Kauri trained intensively in Corporeal Mime with Theatre de L’Ange Fou in London (2006-2013), working also as a teaching assistant and a member of the performing company. Kauri has worked with a wide range of different artists and companies including Punchdrunk UK, Helsinki City Theatre, dance company Gruppen Fyra, choreographer Pirjo Yli-Maunula, clown company Kallo Collective and visual artist Jukka Rusanen.


Photo: Vilma Pimenoff


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