Kati Kallio

Dance Artist, Filmmaker, Curator

Kati Kallio is Finnish dance artist, filmmaker, curator, dance film educator.

She is one of the pioneers of dance films in Finland and was an artistic director of Loikka Dance Film Festival (2015-2018). She became the leading dance film expert in Finland and travels the globe to present her work, curate dance film programs and teach this specific genre.

Kati has a MA degree in Dance from UniArts Helsinki  – Theatre Academy. During her dancer career she worked in several freelance dance productions in Finland and taught dance for children and youth.

Her artistic works have been focused on dance films since 2008. Since then, she has completed several short dance films which have been screened and broadcast widely around the globe.

Since 2010, together with dance artist Elli Isokoski from the dance group Myskyryhmä, Kallio has created a special method for inclusive participatory filmmaking. Where she created eight short dance films in collaboration with senior citizens.


Photo: Stephane Louesdon


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