Favela Vera Ortiz


Favela Vera Ortiz is a Finnish-Argentinian choreographer.

She has worked as freelance choreographer since graduating from Danshögskolan in Stockholm in 2001. Her stage works include Aventuristi (2016), La Chasse (2014), Equuleus (2014) and 21 Notes on Human (2011). In addition to stage works, Favela Vera Ortiz has created several site specific projects, gallery shows, and video works, both in Finland and abroad.

One large project since 2007 has been Choreographer’s Appointment. It is a concept created by Favela Vera Ortiz, where anyone can create their own dance together with a choreographer. At the appointment, a solo or group dance is created through moving and exploring together. At the end of the appointment, the client leaves with a ready dance that can be performed anywhere, anytime.

Favela Vera Ortiz has held Choreographer’s Appointments in various venues and events in Finland and abroad. Clients have included young people, elderly people, stay-at-home moms, officials, artists, politicians, journalists, school groups, a hockey team… Miniature appointments have have also taken place at fairs, subway stations and other public places. Dances created in the appointments have been performed at numerous events and shows.



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