Emma Fält


Emma Vilina Fält (s.1983) is a multidisciplinary artist working with drawing, installation, performing arts and participatory practices. Her main interests are in live acts, contact and togetherness of drawing. Fält is inspired by the body, its boundaries and possibilities to connect with the world. Fält work is multidisciplinary and dialogic. In her work, unfinished and raw meet detailed and well-planned. Fält seeks to expand and stretch the understanding of drawing and the ways to present it.

Previously her work has been presented at Mänttä Art Festival, Lonely in the Rain-festival, ANTI-Contemporary art festival, ITAK – Stage, M_ITÄ Biennale, MUU Gallery and Third space – gallery. She has done workshops at Thinking through drawing and Draw to Perform – symposiums (UK) and in Äänen Lumo events. Emma teaches at Art School MAA, Helsinki. She works as a coordinator of Thinking through Drawing, an international group of drawing research.

“For me, drawing is a multidisciplinary way of doing things. It is not directly related to visuality, but above all, it is corporeality. It creates a possibility to study the experience and thinking processes through the trace. My practice focuses on soundscapes and dialogue. I am also interested in the relation between traces and matter. I understand drawing as a way of being, a journey of finding one’s voice, an intimate, fragile, wordless dialogue and a manifestation of presence. Doing it together can allow people to experience connection and share space even in the hardest circumstances. Drawing makes it possible to reorganise oneself and the world and make non-existent existing. It touches from a distance.”


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