Elina Kivioja

Actor, Dancer

Elina Kivioja is a freelance actor and dancer.

She received her Master’s degree in acting from the Theatre Academy Helsinki in 2012, and Bachelor’s degree in dance in 2010. She specializes in physical acting, which she also studied in Madrid.

Kivioja is interested in the boundaries of different art forms, and in addition to her own performances, she also teaches the Dance theatre method that she created together with Jenni Nikolajeff, at the Theatre Academy ad the Sibelius Academy.

She has worked at Linnateatteri and Vartiovuori Summer Theatre in Turku. Recent works also include “Kylli-koira ja elämisen sietämätön kepeys” by choreographer Jenni Kivelä, and her own performance “Natalia salaisuuksien talossa”. In the summer of 2017, Kivioja toured in Romania, performing and teaching circus, dance, theatre, and music in rural areas and the SOS children’s village.



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