Elina Hauta-aho

Dance Artist

Elina Hauta-aho is a dance artist from Helsinki. She has worked in the field of dance in Finland for 14 years, in various positions: as dancer, choreographer, teacher, mentor, head of dance education in a folk high school, and producer. Elina has worked as performer with e.g. choreographers Jouni Järvenpää, Iina Taijonlahti, Laura Pietiläinen, Leena Harjunpää, Ervi Sirén, Jenni Kivelä, Maija Mustonen, Hanna Pajala-Assefa and Beniamino Borghi. Hauta-aho’s most recent choreographic work have been Flow of death (2019), and Life (2021), and  Yhteismaa-projekti (2020-21) together with children from Southern Ostrobothnia. Elina received her MA in Dance from the Theatre Academy in  2008.


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