Aku Meriläinen

Media Artist

Aku Meriläinen graduated as scenographer from Aalto University in 2017. He develops new practices outside of prevalent expectations and meaning, in works combining media art and performing arts. Central pairs of concepts are technology and emancipation; spectator position and immersions; community and democracy. Aku Meriläinen is interested in the borders between reality and art, and in the interaction of art and its participants, on an intellectual, emotional, as well as operational levels. 
At the moment, Aku Meriläinen is working as a digital artist in #digiteatteri at Riihimäki Theatre. His works have been presented at Kiasma Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe, Tampere Theatre Festival,  Lain§uojattomat Festival, Mad House Helsinki, Joensuu City Theatre and Rovaniemi Theatre. 



Photo: Jonne Renvall


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