How can arts producers and managers use coaching methods in their work? Arts Management Helsinki organises a workshop on coaching methods, aimed at the arts sector, on 14.6.2018. This three-hour workshop provides tools and best practices for the development of work and organisations.

Coaching is best suited for situations where the person or team already has the needed skillset, knowledge, capabilities, and motivation for the task, but for some reason this potential is not totally fulfilled. In the business world, coaching is an often used method, but the arts sector mostly lacks the financial resources for outsourced business coaching.

This is the reason why Arts Management Helsinki wants to provide this workshop: to enable arts producers and managers take use of Business Coaching methods in their own work, or in their organisations.

The workshop is led by Teppo Virtanen. Teppo is a Certified Business Coach, with years of experience working with companies, leaders and business executives. Teppo also has a background in the arts, and received his MA from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki.

Teppo Virtanen participated as guest speaker in arts manager breakfast meetings organised by Arts Management Helsinki in the Spring 2018. At these breakfast events, the need and interest towards business coaching for arts managers and producers was discussed.



Workshop on Coaching Methods for Arts Managers and Producers
THURSDAY 14.6.2018 at 13–16

Coaching Method workshop is suitable for up to 8 participants, as we will use a lot of practical excercises. Workshop fee is 80 euro (incl. vat). If you are interested in taking part, please send an email to Outi:


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