During 2020, the artist service of Arts Management Helsinki will expand into a new production and support platform for independent artists. The platform model will be developed in the spring of 2020, and the new platform will begin its operation by autumn. The platform has received an operational grant from the Arts Promotion Center of Finland (Taike). The development phase is also supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

The platform is built on the artist service developed by Arts Management Helsinki. There are currently 36 member artists. Development work is done in collaboration with the current members.

The central idea of the new platform is to promote perseverance and open new possibilities. The platform will focus its resources towards preproduction, development, and the metawork of artists that is usually overlooked and unfunded . The platform will also function as a frame and support organisation for independent artists and projects.

A new and independent company structure will be developed for the platform during 2020.



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