What makes a good co-production? An artistic perspective on production matters is at focus in the international workshop “The Art of Co-Production” which takes place in Reykjavik in December, as part of the Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform. The workshop is presented by Nordic Circle of Artistic Management, a capacity building program designed by SITE Sweden, Project Center in Dansehallerne, Performing Arts Hub Norway, Arts Management Helsinki and Dance Atelier Reykjavík.

How do co-production partners and choreographers collaborate to meet their respective needs and priorities during the artistic process? Swedish choreographer Björn Säfsten and Simone Willeit, executive manager at Uferstudios in Berlin, share their views about what makes a good co-production. Moderated by Pirjetta Mulari, head cultural producer at Annantalo Arts Centre in Helsinki.


Read more about Nordic Circle of Artistic Management: https://artsmanagement.fi/en/portfolio/nordic-circle-of-artistic-management/

The Art of Co-Production, ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform: http://www.icehotnordicdance.com/activity/art-co-production/

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