International performance concept Hors Lits takes art into private homes and apartments in various cities. Since 2005, the network has been rewriting the intimate by opening alternative spaces between artists, inhabitants and spectators. Helsinki joins the network – or ‘rhizomes’ of artists, as the first Hors Lits Helsinki event takes place at the end of August. Hors Lits Helsinki is organised by a group of professional artists from the Arts Management Helsinki members platform.

In the Hors Lits Helsinki events 31.8. & 1.9.2018 professional artists create four different performances in four apartments. Each performance lasts 20 minutes, and a group of 25 spectators are led from one space to another by a guide. Performances are by Elina Kivioja, Reetta Honkakoski, Favela Vera Ortiz and Iina Taijonlahti.

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The second Hors Lits Helsinki will take place in Myyrmäki, Vantaa, in October. This event includes artists Elli Isokoski, Anna Korolainen, Jenni Kivelä and Nina Mamia.


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